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Welcome to Review Broadway, your one-stop source for independent, credible Broadway reviews and news that you can truly rely on.

Two Independent Reviews

At Review Broadway, we are committed to providing you at least two independent reviews for every show on Broadway. Two reviews insure that you get a complete picture of the shows that interest you. Our reviewers are asked to research every show and keep you, the audience, in mind when writing their reviews.

All of our reviewers have backgrounds in acting and theater and have been carefully selected for their writing and integrity. Our reviewers are not assigned to any show that poses a conflict of interest for them and do not discuss shows they review with other staff members.

We take no shortcuts providing you with high-quality independent reviews!

Critic Comparisons

In addition to our high-quality profession in-house reviews, Review Broadway offers one-stop shopping for external reviews, as well. We link to Broadway reviews and score those opinions based off our standardized qualitative scale, so that you can easily compare how your favorite shows ranked among critics.

One-Stop Broadway News

Want to know what's going on behind the scenes on Broadway? Let us help you find all the Broadway news you can use and some that's just plain fun.

Run for the Roses

We rate Broadway shows, actors, writers and directors based off a set of criteria we ask our reviewers and members to evaluate.

Our points system features corresponding "roses," which shows can accrue to create a larger bouquet. Following each Broadway season, awards are given for shows and Broadway stars who garner the most roses.

Our registered members can rate shows, as well. Sign in today to add your own ratings. Your vote counts.

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Let your favorite reviewers guide you through the wonderful world of Broadway. Following individual reviewers on Review Broadway provides you with a customized viewpoint you can't get anywhere else.

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