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Billy Elliot: The Musical

Broadway 2008
Imperial Theatre

Words by Lee Hall
Music by Elton John
Produced by Universal Pictures Stage Productions, Working Title Films, Old Vic Productions, Weinstein Live Entertainment, John Finn, Tim Bevan & Eric Fellner, Sally Greene, David Furnish, Angela Morrison
Directed by Stephen Daldry

Previews started: October 1, 2008
Show opened: November 13, 2008

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Average Roses Awarded by Our Members:    1 Rose2 Roses3 Roses4 Roses5 Roses6 Roses7 Roses

About the show

In the middle of the 1984 British Nation Union Mineworker's strikes, one miner's son yearns to learn ballet.

Mrs. Wilkinson Emily Skinner
Dad Gregory Jbara
Grandma Carole Shelley
Tony Will Chase
Michael Gabriel Rush, Neil McCaffrey
Billy's Older Self Stephen Hanna
George Joel Hatch
Mum Laura Marie Duncan
Debbie Brianna Fragomeni
Mr. Braithwaite Thommie Retter
Billy Elliot:
Jacob Clemente, Joseph Harrington, Alex Ko, Peter Mazurowski.
Michael Arnold, Jason Babinsky, Kevin Bernard, Grady McLeod Bowman, Aly Brier, Stephen Carrasco, Ava DeMary, C.K. Edwards, Laura Marie Duncan, Eboni Edwards, Chelsea Galembo, Stephen Hanna, David Koch, Stephanie Kurtzuba, David Larsen, Austin Lesch, Alison Levenberg, Merle Louise, Drew McVety, Marina Micalizzi, Brad Nacht, Tessa Netting, Maddy Novak, Kara Oates, Liz Pearce, Ruby Rakos, Thommie Retter, Robbie Roby, Jimmy Smagula, Kendra Tate, Holly Taylor, Heather Tepe, Grant Turner, Natalie Wisdom, Caroline Workman.

Production Credits
Choreography: Peter Darling
Set Design: Ian MacNeil
Costume Design: Nicky Gillibrand
Lighting Design: Rick Fisher
Sound Design: Paul Arditti


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