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Come Fly Away

Marquis Theatre

Written by Twyla Tharp
Produced by James L. Nederlander, Nicholas Howey, W.A.T., Ltd., Terry Allen Kramer, Patrick Catullo/Jon B. Platt, Jerry Frankel, Ronald Frankel/Marc Frankel, Roy Furman, Allan S. Gordon/Élan McAllister, Jam Theatricals, Stewart F. Lane/Bonnie Comley, Margo Lion/Daryl Roth, Hal Luftig/Yasuhiro Kawana, Pittsburgh CLO/GSFD, Spark Productions, The Weinstein Company and Barry & Fran Weissler
Directed by Twyla Tharp

Previews started: March 1, 2010
Show opened: March 25, 2010
Show closed: September 5, 2010

About the show

A live 19-piece big band plays the legendary music of Frank Sinatra while fifteen dancers bring to life the romance of four couples in a swinging dance club.

Chanos Matthew Stockwell Dibble
Babe Holley Farmer
Betsy Laura Mead
Marty Charlie Neshyba-Hodges
Slim Rika Okamoto
Kate Karine Plantadit
Hank Keith Roberts
Sid John Selya
Vico, Dance Captain Alexander Brady
Featured Vocalists:
Hilary Gardner, Rosena M. Hill.
Todd Burnsed, Carolyn Doherty, Heather Hamilton, Meredith Miles, Eric Michael Otto, Justin Peck.

Production Credits
Vocals: Frank Sinatra
Scenic Design: James Youmans
Costume Design: Katherine Roth
Lighting Design: Donald Holder
Sound Design: Peter McBoyle
Arranger: Dave Pierce


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